Shadows of Brightwater

The Tharn underground tunnel

After Finn tugged on the rope, the party descended into the watery tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a Tharn shaman chanting and shaking a rattle over a cauldron with a large group of kobolds. Finn hid in the fog cloud created by Squiggly and Crugold while waiting.

As the party descended into the tunnel, Crugold was hit by a dart by another Tharn on the surface. Crugold was able to tug on the rope to alert the group while doing battle. Sorsha came to assist and together they brought the Tharn down. The Tharn’s body was then put into the group’s bag of holding for study later.

Meanwhile in the underground room, Finn was forced to fight and knock out the shaman. Finn picked up the shaman’s rattle and attempted to keep the kobolds chanting and not noticing the loss of the shaman. Eventually, Gibley emerged from the water and Finn’s concentration faltered, starting a battle with the kobolds.

Finn and Gibley dispatched the horde and the group got back together in the underground room. A door was found, which had a passage way down to a few cages. One cage contained a very sickly hostage who had lost his hand. One-hand told us that there was a dragon further along in the underground complex called the ‘Verdant Mother’, who we believe is the master of the Tharn and kobolds in the area.

Another cage contained a weakened Risul, who no longer has his silver eye. Risul objected to being taken away and did not want to go back to the city. It was decided that it was better to go back to town with the Tharn shaman, Tharn body, One-hand, and Risul than to explore the dragon tunnel further.

The party freed both captives and made our way to the surface. As the party neared the town, Risul and Gibley seemed to suffer further ill effects of what we believe to be a curse.


Also, after defeating the Tharn on the surface, Crugold enlarged himself so he could swim faster and then passed a potion of enlarge person to Sorcha. Sorcha used the potion and arrived at the battle in time to dispatch dozens of kobolds.

The Tharn underground tunnel
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