Shadows of Brightwater

Return to Rathonel's Realm

Gibley attacks Crugold, wounding him twice. Crugold is able to escape by flying high into the air. Gibley attempts to escape by running back across the bridge. Crugold summons an evil leapord, who chases Gibley. Crugold also casts a spell to detect Gibley’s thoughts and is surprised to find that Gibley is actually plotting on killing the entire party. The leopard is able to incapacitate Gibley and Crugold ties him up.

Wesley, Sorcha and Finn are in the Copper Coronet talking about what to do next. They decide that they should get rid of Rathonel and decide to try and talk to Tia Sul for more information. Sorcha says something about Arch Hierophant Galen which causes Wesley to run out of the pub towards the temple of Pelor. Wesley comes outside just in time to see Crugold’s spell.

Finn and Sorcha leave the Copper Coronet while bickering about who should be talking to Tia Sul about Rathonel. Crugold contacts the party, who meet under the bridge and they all decide to leave town with Gibley.

Outside of town, they decide the next step would be to get Galen to come out to the party outside of town. Crugold and Wesley stay with Gibley to get their spells and Finn and Sorcha head back into town to fetch Galen.

Upon arrival to the Temple of Pelor, Sorsha and Finn are met by the priest on duty, who says that Galen cannot be bothered. They end up storming the Temple and Finn eventually makes it to Galen’s room. Sorsha explains to Galen that there is a Rakshasa named Rathonel who is running the town and must be killed. Galen understands the situation, but goes to the temple’s basement to cast a spell to get help. Sister Daphne is sent to get Wesley and Crugold.

Galen completes his ritual and summons an angel named Illustria. She informs everyone that there is indeed a demon and she can take anyone willing to where he is. Illustria also tells everyone that Gibley is not actually Gibley, but something controlling Gibley’s body. She purges the thing controlling Gibley from his body, but his soul is still held captive somewhere.

The remaining members of the party volunteer to fight Rathonel. Galen also volunteers, but is told that he is too important and is not able to go. Illustria then takes the party to Rathonel’s plane of existance.

Illustria informs the party that this plane is unique, and that the rules aren’t the same here. She then begins to scout the area and falls into the river. The party goes to the river to retrieve Illustria and a giant horned ape construct (with the number 6 on it’s chest) rises out of the water to fight the party.

Finn is hit several times by Six. Sorsha is able to wound Six a couple of times. Crugold tries to shock Six by casting a lightning spell on Squiggly and sending it after Six, but Squiggly is unable to penetrate its armor.

Six is bloodied eventually and then begins a stampede attack…


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