Shadows of Brightwater

Gibley likes the Silver Unicorn

"I'm recuperating!"

We talk to Thenn. He says

  • He’s from the crown
  • He was sent to investigate the swamp. Something was blocking magic.
  • “That dragon could not have snuck across the border. They might have snuck it over as an egg.”
  • Dragon is too disinclined to expose itself. She intends to attack Redford.
  • Risul was already messed up when he showed up in the dungeon
  • Scruffian captured Risul, told his peers he thought Risul would be valuable
  • Finn and Sorcha protect Risul at the mouth of the tunnel. The rest of us head in.
  • He has a co-worker named Mazzy Fenton in Llaedry.

We meet with Lily, she brings us to Jenna and Lord Commander Harlan Thibeau.

We talk to Thibeau and Jenna. Thibeau and Thenn go conspire, Jenna joins the
rest of us in returning to Risul.

Back at the mouth of the tunnel Finn jumps down and starts chasing after Lee,
but doesn’t catch up with him.

Crugold makes his way from the Silver Unicorn to “the library”…

While we wait we sleep… except Gibley heads back in through the tunnel.

Krugold comes back and tells us about the rak… rakcah sahs whatever..
Backwards hands/palms out. Probably the puppet master?

We send Jenna back to the Silver Unicorn to tell Gibley to get a priest of
Pelor to remove some curses. Gibley meets with the priestess Daphne and she
says she needs a night to prepare a spell. He meets with her the next day and
they head out of town. Gibley starts to feel worse on the way out of town. She
notices and talks to him, then casts a spell on him. She seems confused by the

Daphne examines Risul and says he seems to be in very poor shape. She casts
detect magic and break enchantment, but there’s no result. She also says it’s
not his body which is enchanted but his soul.


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