Shadows of Brightwater

Callie said stay put, so we stayed put

... and then we defeated an elemental!

Not knowing what the disposition of the approaching fire breathing something was, Sorcha shot it with her bow causing it to shriek and charge us. It proved a formidable opponent but we were well prepared and equipped and lost little to the attack.

Nothing followed the creature, leaving us wondering who had summoned it and whether they cared what its impact had or had not been. However, we were still waiting for Callie so that was our primary concern. After some discussion Crugold disappeared and went looking for Callie. He came back with news that she had gone through the ground into some other tunnels but there was no evidence she had perished.

We decided to wait (and rest) and she eventually returned. She said she had bartered passage with the local orcish tribe, the Bonesplitters. She led us down several more tunnels and out the other side. We were overlooking a harsh rocky valley. Callie pointed out a light on the other side which is the location of a small homestead we would stable our horses at in a day and a half.

And so we set off, and then heard a massive crash and roar behind us.


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