Shadows of Brightwater

Arrival to an unknown plane of existence

Mess with the bull, get the horns

Sorsha stabbed Gibley, rendering him unconsicious for the fight with the guards. Harlan Thibeau and the Red Guard moved to attack the party. Sorsha took many hits and Finn went into a rage over the loss of Gibley.

Crugold summoned an Auroch (an infernal bull), which proceeded to stampede through the guards. The fight soon ended with Harlan incapacitated, a priest who surrendered ( protected by a Sanctuary spell), Wesley healing Gibley and one guard who escaped the mansion ( he was able to intimidate Finn out of his rage ).

Gibley searched Harlan and took a magical 2 handed sword (found to be +1 and a lawful weapon), a cloak of resistance, a set of full plate and some potions. Sorsha drank several healing potions and received an admonition from Finn for trying to kill Gibley.

A resurrection scroll was then given to the priest. Wesley took Harlan into the secret room and killed him, which opened the portal and teleported the party to another plane.

The party found themselves in a savannah with a red sky. Crugold and Wesley were unable to discern which plane they were on, unfortunately. Although there are no markers for the party to know direction, for illustration purposes:

East was woods of metallic trees
West was a river
South was a mountain

Near the party were pools of water, which upon inspection it was found that each pool could view Redford in a different location. Crugold immersed his head in a pool and found that he could hear conversation in Redford. This is how Rathonel is able to know about the goings-on in the town. Finn found tracks near the river, which might have been a boat or a large creature like a crocodile.

The party rested up and voted to check the mountain, which had little holes where Rathonel might be found. When the party reached the mountain, a voice who identified itself as Five started to converse with the party. The invisible Five revealed that there was also a One through Nine, who all acted as eyes for Rathonel.

Crugold went to cast Detect Invisibility as a piercing shriek was heard by all. Five exclaimed that a bird of prey was coming.


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