The World

The World of Thia is vast and old. Nations of short-lived races rise and fall as quickly as their inhabitants. The ruins of these past empires dot the landscape, a constant reminder of the relentless march of time.

The Oleand valley was once home to two nations of men, the Rael and the Vikram. In the year 0 YK, these were unified into the Kingdom of Oleand.

To the south of the Kingdom, a Nation of Elves once populated the forest. Around 130 YK, they retreated further into the wilderness, leaving behind only the village of Farewell.

At the base of the Crashing Mountains lies the dwarven city of Underhall. Though rich and prosperous, it is known to be only a part of a larger dwarven nation, deep underground, where no outsiders are permitted.

To the east of the Crashing Mountains is the Tharn valley, home to a Lizardfolk nation of the same name.

The World

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