Chapter Two

After burying your dead, you accompanied Sheriff Carter north along the river to the city of Redford, the City of Luck, Capital of the South. Solemn at your losses, but optimistic about the future, you came to inform the Lord of the South about the events in Redford and to seek your fortune beyond. Little did you know of the twisted forces at work there, and the many labyrinthine plots you would have to unravel to escape.

The elephantine rakshasa demon known as Rathonel had a vision. He believed that with the right application of subtle influence, he could make an entire city bend to his will. An expert alchemist, he began almost a decade ago to replace the minds of key figures in Redford with psychic homunculi, near-perfect copies of the previous people, with an irresistible compulsion to do Rathonel’s will.

Knowing that a utopia would only draw suspicion, he orchestrated a complex turf-war between neighborhoods, gangs, and lawmen. His secrecy was almost absolute. Any who so much as heard his name were silenced, save for the vampire Lucien Tresail, who no “heroes” would trust anyway. But his hold over the city was not as tight as he thought: both a mischievous Goddess and an Tharnian agitator were working against him without his knowledge.

Your arrival in the city brought disappointment, but some hope for the rest of the refugees, while you were embroiled in local politics and offered a job.

As you plumbed the depths of the Tomb of Torin Tresail, you uncovered ancient mysteries, and brought a new enemy to an abrupt end.

Your dealings on the bridge entangled you even more in the local gangs, as you attempted to investigate a mysterious figure and his hooded companion.

At the Silver Unicorn your party almost fell, not because of conflict from without, but within!

The warehouse fire was designed to throw you off their trail, but instead only piqued your interest, and gave you a new puzzle to solve.

The devout Gibley was shocked by a dire warning from his temple, your party chose not to heed it as you finally met the man you had been investigating.

Recruited by a distraught friend, your party set out on a daring rescue, uncovering the full extent of the Tharnian plot!

As the town prepared for the worst, you finally got some answers and did some preparation of your own.

Your dealings with Rathonel left you uneasy, but with Gibley’s safety ensured, you prepared to leave…

Your fight with the dragon was the stuff of legends! Only with the timely aid of friend and foe alike were you able to succeed and recover.

In the aftermath of the battle, you came to realize that your victory was hollow unless you ended the puppetmaster’s reign.

Rathonel fell before you, and with the help of the town’s authorities, you decided the fates of the remaining clones.

Though much was lost you carried the day through myriad threats to the town, its people, and yourselves. You now once again travel with refugees heading north, this time the ladies of the old Silver Unicorn. Now having grown into your power, what new adventure awaits at Llaedry, the Capital of Oleand?

Chapter Two

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