Arrival in Redford

After burying their dead, Our Heroes, the other refugees, and a Red Knight escort led by Lily Highvale head north up the river towards Redford. Along the way, they meet a merchant caravan named the Great Valley Trading company. They exchange some equipment and information about the world. After they catch Gibley trying to steal, they advise him not to try such a thing in Redford without signing up with a “guild” first, and point him towards a brothel with a green door (which is they later find out is the Silver Unicorn).

When they arrive in Redford, they camp just outside of town while Sheriff Carter and Finn head to the keep to speak with Lord Pendleton. Lord Pendleton is unhelpful and uninterested in their problems, and directs the refugees to settle in Oakheart, a town to the southwest that has recently suffered a plague. Finn speaks up but is shot down. Carter is reassigned as a Captain and sent out to Old Vikram to fight in the war.

The refugees are hassled by a group of thugs (members of the Silver Ring gang). Gibley bluffs them into leaving by pretending to work for Jacob the Tinkerer, a made ­up leader of a rival gang. Carter advises Our Heroes to find work and lodging, and suggests the Copper Cornet. He says he will try to visit again the next morning, but never shows. Lily and her Red Knights collect the Brightwater refugees and head to Oakheart, taking with them a magic sending device to tell the party when they arrive safely.

The party heads into town towards the Copper Cornet. Many thieves try to pick­pocket them, except on the bridge in the center of town. Gibley stops in the Temple of Olidamarra, speaks with a mysterious female voice, and further spreads the legend of Jacob the Tinkerer. After crossing the bridge, they find Slim and his Slicer gang holding up an old man who runs a bakery. The party fights and kills/captures all but Slim, who is charmed by Crugold. After pumping Slim for information, Crugold lets him go. Gibley leaves a calling card of Jacob the Tinkerer, which is later picked up by Hangtooth members and delivered to Sparky.

The fight is witnessed by Brother Oleg, a dwarven priest of Pelor, who offers to hire them to clear out a section of the necropolis west of town. It is the tomb of Turin Tresail, the first Lord of the South. He says it is to stop a possible ghoul outbreak, but secretly he suspects a man in town of being Lucien Tresail, an ancient vampire, and wants further proof.

Arrival in Redford

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