Shadows of Brightwater

Big problems for small adventurers
Squigly to the rescue!

Crugold and Gibley were sneaking into a creepy necromantic laboratory. After
following someone they thought might know something about the murders of women
in the town of Laedry they were discovered. They overheard some conversation
of a plan for the night which would ready them for their Big Plan. The
conversants chased our heroes up the stairs. The made it to the lawn, but
things went sideways. Gibley killed the less experienced caster but the more
experienced caster suffocated Gibley.

Crugold’s familiar Squigly the Destructor (our viper VIP) escaped and was
picked up by a mysterious woman, ‘Lita’, who brought Squigly to the rest of us
and told us 1) our friends are being held captive in a place and one of them
is dead and 2) Westley’s nephew will be broken out of prison by his cultish
companions later tonight.

So... about that cult though...

Finn and Sorcha went to meet Callie outside town to let her know we’d be delayed but would pay her while she waits. She made it clear she insists on being in charge. (She’s also a half-orc with a familiarity with the wilds.)

Also, on the way back from visiting with Callie they ran into the two priests Nix had mentioned. Things… didn’t go Nix’s way.

Meanwhile Wesley, Crugold and Gibley looked into the cult which supposedly recruited Wesley’s nephew. Wesley made a nuisance of himself while looking into the purported meeting location while the other two watched who noticed. Gibley met up with a woman he had been in contact with before. She said the constabulary had already scared away those who used to meet under the bridge. She said they consider themselves “a family who would do anything for each other that you (Gibley) would do for your friends.”

Wesley sought out an expert on local history and architecture. Gibley and Crugold noted someone taking an interest in Wesley’s questions and followed him to the local campus. They pulled some shenanigans and were able to follow him past the magical gate.

Wrapping Up
The Ghost of...Eww

Our brave adventurers returned to The Stetland Pony, conversing with Sir Richard along the way and after arriving. He is the royal historian for his majesty King Kanlos. He is a truther who believes Kanlos was complicit in, if not the cause of, the former king’s death. He’s greatful and will pay us for the rescue when we get back.

Our conversation was interrupted when a villager told us of a ghost of a dead farmer making trouble. We put the monster back down.

Gibley won the “most possessable halfling” award.

We headed back to Laedry where Sorcha made another “deposit”. We learned that The Curfew Cutter had been Caught. It turned out to be Wesley’s nephew Andrian. Wesley discussed the matter with his sister. She acknowledged that he and the people he had fallen in with had in fact killed women, but that he was merely a victim of the cult. She said they tend to meet after midnight under the western end of the main bridge.

The next day there were some preparations to head north to the Sky Monastery. The group is paying the guide 2gp per day for the job, including the wait to get started. We are told the trip will take 3 days in each direction.

But Wesley insists on sticking around to get to the bottom of the Curfew Cutter Mystery…

In which we rescue Sir Durban

Into the cave. Sorcha commented that some sort of creature dug the tunnel. Gibley spotted orc sentries trying to hide from us. Some of us spotted non-combatant orcs at the far side of a cavern. A booming voice (Sir Richard Durban) called out to us requesting aid. We fought the sentries and two land sharks. Sir Richard threw up a flame wall to hold the rest of the orcs at bay while we made our escape. Above ground he told us the orcs ate the rest of the party and used him to lure giants. The cleric was the leader but the guy with the symbol on his head was actually in charge. The symbol represents The Sky Monastery though he had never heard of the monastery training evil people. He said he thinks they were leading giants into human lands before they used him to do it but have been more effective with him.

How's your whole ... orcish family?
Too many syllables!

Early Spring, North East of Leadry

Crugold located Mazzie after she had scouted ahead for giants but found orcs instead. We charged in and killed them. There was a half-orc monk with a crosshatch symbol in his forehead and an orcish priest of Grunch who had destroyed one of his eyes to gain power.

One of the giant hearts which appeared to be part of an impending ritual was deadened by Crugold’s cloud kill spell.

We talked about going into the nearby cave.

Giant Hunting With Mazzy

Gibley had exclaimed that he saw the Rael Ravisher and alarmed the bar. A large group of patrons look outside but don’t find anything.

Wesley stayed up through the night talking to bar patrons to gather information about the Rael Ravisher, but did not get any worthwhile information. He found that the curfew isn’t because of the serial killer, but because of the old king’s death 6 years ago.

Crugold gives the party a few potions. He also provides Finn with a Monk’s Robe.

The party goes to meet with Mazzy at the Golden Goblet to talk about the giant problem. She says that the giants are worth two thousand a head and the bounty would be split 6 ways. The party gets their horses and meet Mazzy / Siegfried on the road.

The group makes it to the village Stetlen and check into the single inn in the town. The group talks to people at the inn and are told to go north to find the giants. Up north, the group finds a wreck of a farmhouse. Giants had thrown rocks at the place. Upon further inspection, it is found that the rocks are volcanic, as in rock that would be exposed after an earthquake.

The party sets up a trap in a small ravine with bear traps while Mazzy scouts around. She brings back 3 giants into the ravine. Gibley is able to get a sneak attack in on one. Mazzy casts a lightning bolt with her lance at two of the giants. Wesley casts Spear of Purity at the unwounded giant. Sorsha misses that giant with her readied arrow, but hits with the second one.

A giant gets stuck in a bear trap and Finn tries to entangle it with his net and misses. The larger giant casts Transmute Earth to Mud, catching Gibley in the effect. Gibley moves out of the mud and flanks the giant Finn is attacking. Mazzy misses the giant as well.

Sorsha hits her giant multiple times with her hammer. The giant hits Sorsha back.

Crugold casta a swarm of spiders between Sorsha’s giant and the one who casted the mud spell.

Finn gets critically hit by the bear trap giant for 40 points of damage. Ouch!

Information Gathering in Llaedry

Crugold goes to the Arcane University. The buildings on the grounds have some sort of enchantment to be invisible. He notices Daruna’s tower is located on the grounds. He asks a man about it, who confirms that Daruna is visiting and she has made herself another tower.

Gibley believes that the symbol in his pocket matches with the bar that he is in. He shows the bartender the piece of paper covertly and is told to exit via another door. Gibley is ambushed by a cloaked human and they talk. Gibley is informed that there are no gangs or thieves guilds in Llaedry and is wished the best of luck.

Finn goes to the Tanner’s Table in search of Nixx. He inquires with the barkeep about Nixx’s location. Nixx was banned from the bar due to a 27 gold tab. Nixx sleeps outside the bar, near the trash.

Sorsha is approached by a guard after using the Altar of Erythnul as a toilet. She takes offense at a question asked by the guard and attacks him. She then breaks his axe after he drinks a potion and casts a spell on himself. She sunders a second weapon of his and bashes him to the ground, then leaves the building.

Wesley goes to meet the Captain of the Guard, who turns out to be the oldest elf that he has ever seen. He asks about his sister, who came through on a military caravan. Wesley tells the captain the party’s story about Brightwater, the captain says that he will ask around. The captain asks Wesley to look into the murders in Llaedry.

Crugold visits Daruna at her new tower. She has a new familiar, which is a tiny dragon. They briefly talk about what the party did in Redford. She did not know about Rathonel, but knew about the dragon attack.

The party is united at the Hounds Tooth to trade stories. Finn brought Nixx along to buy him a drink and ask about Uncle Atticus. The party asks Nixx about his fiddle, which makes him angry.

Nixx hasn’t seen Atticus and offers to ask around. He notes that he hasn’t seen Atticus in 15 years. The last time he saw Atticus, he was helping him leave the city quietly. Nixx says that Atticus said that he would owe him a big favor. Nixx knows Atticus is from the Sky Monastery and is probably staying there. The monastery is in the mountains to the North and would take a week’s journey to get there with a guide. Nixx says he knows a guide named Callie, who is from the mountains.

Nixx asks for a favor from the party. Two priests of a travelling god somehow cheated Nixx out of a reward. Finn tells Nixx he might look into this later, but the party is looking into multiple jobs at this time.

Arrival in Llaedry

(This is two weeks of updates.)

The party headed north to Llaedry, the capital city of Oleand, with the ladies of the ex-Silver Unicorn. While travelling with the group and stopping in small towns, the party learned some information:

- Castle Kanlos is built on an artificial island in the center of the river, with bridges to the east and west.
- The western side of the city was destroyed 10 years ago by a Tharn invasion. The Tharn were unable to take the castle, so they sacked the town instead. It has since been rebuilt. The east side is is considered more upscale, because of this.
- King Liam died 6 years ago. King Raglos is the new king, but he is in Old Vikram fighting the Tharn. The Lord of the North is running Llaedry at this time.
- The capital city has a curfew, set up by the Lord of the North, due to a murderer. Only those who have legitimate business may be allowed to walk around town in the evening.

Other notable areas of town:

- The Golden Goblet – This is a tavern set up for travelling merchants. Often a place where mercenaries can find work. Also where Thenn told the party that they could find Mazzy Fentan for a reward.
- The Tanner’s Table – The other major tavern in town. This is where Finn was told to find Nixx in a letter by his Uncle Atticus.
- Craftworks – A place where gnomes and dwarves work and trade.
- Cathedral of Pelor – An impressive temple made largely of glass.
- There are also temples for all common dieties in the capitol.

The party arrives in Llaedry. Jenna and Finn went to meet Sander of the Houndstooth Inn. Jenna is able to secure lodging for the travelling group at the Houndstooth. She also informs the group that there is a serial killer at large (called the Rael Ravisher), who has killed 4 women on the west side of town. The party is asked to check with the Captain of the Guard to get more details. Finn helps the refugees move into their new home.

The party goes to the elf area of town, called Treehome. Treehome has a large tree in the center of the area, which is now dead. It has also been defaced with symbols of Erythnul. The group learns that there are temples to both Corellon Larethon and Erythnul.

The party stays the night at the Houndstooth deciding on the following:
1. Get paid by Mazzy Fentan at the Golden Goblet
2. Meet Nixx at the Tanner’s Table
3. Gather information about the serial killer, the Rael Ravisher.
4. Wesley to find information about his sister.

After the first night, the group went to the Golden Goblet to meet Mazzy for rescuing Thenn. They inquire about Mazzy Fentan and are introduced to an armored halfling in full plate, with her dog Siegfried. She hangs out with several different mercenary groups, of particular note is the Flaming Fist group. Crugold notices that the knights aren’t thrilled about hearing about Thenn. Mazzy tells the group privately that Thenn isn’t exactly liked in these parts.

Mazzy offers the group a job. Her last crew died on this job, but a town to the east has giant problems. A Flaming Fist mercenary named Helman also offers Finn work, if he wants it. Mazzy also has information about Nixx. He is a pixie who used to work at the Tanner’s Table, he’s a bit of a drunk apparently.

Wesley asks Mazzy about a military caravan where an elf might have come into town, he decides to go to Treehome. At Treehome, he learns that the Captain of the Guard is an elf.

The party learned about two major publications in Llaedry:
- The Crown Crier – The ‘official’ word in Llaedry.
- The Street Hawk – ‘Un-official’ word in Llaedry, sometimes facts aren’t verified.

Gibley went to get information from the Street Hawk. He was given a scroll by some important-looking gnome and told to post the scroll. Gibley went to a bridge and stood on a soapbox, taking on the job of Town Crier. New news of a 5th victim, strangled in her own home, has been announced. The killer has a new name, ‘The Curfew Cutter’. While Gibley is doing announcements, he is given a slip of paper by a lady. In the slip of paper, there is a symbol of a pedestal with the book on top. Gibley gets a free ride from a river ferry person, who doesn’t elaborate on that the symbol is. He meets a barkeep, who makes conversation with him. Gibley thinks that the bar mirror is a 2-way mirror.

Sorsha goes to the Temple of Erythnul, looking to relieve herself and defile the area.

Decisions how to leave Redford (End of Chapter 2)

Sorsha kills Lord Pendleton with a final arrow after he yelled, ‘I don’t want to be him anymore!‘. Crugold wrote a note saying to ’check with Galen regarding Lord Pendleton’s death’, attached to a crossbow bolt and fired it into the room.

The party returned to Redford via another portal and went to visit Galen to report. Gibley is brought back to life and he remembers everything as a hazy dream. Grall and Sparky come to the temple and Grall asks to be killed and brought back. Sorsha kills Grall and the group decided to round up the rest of the people who were taken over by Rathonel (Lee, Old Madge, Lord Pendleton).

Gibley and Sorsha collected Lee, who was lying in a fetal position. They went to visit Old Madge in Dwarf Town. She asked that she stay in charge, as she believes that she would still be able to help the dwarves in Redford. Sorsha decided to let Madge stay in charge and they brought Lee back to the temple.

Finn and Crugold go with Galen to collect Lord Pendleton, where they discover that the Red Knights are trying to find out who murdered him. The note left by Lord Pendleton is a confession that he was not actually Lord Pendleton and was trying to escape. They bring Lord Pendleton’s body back to the temple for resurrection.

At the temple, Jenna approaches the party after bringing their dead to be resurrected from the dragon’s attack. She asked the party to not bring Grall back to life, as he would begin to start tormenting the women of the ex-Silver Unicorn again. Unfortunately, the dragon’s attack on the Silver Unicorn did not leave anything that could be used to bring Risul back to life. Sparky asks the party to bring Grall back to life, as he doesn’t feel like he would be a good leader of the Hangtooth gang. Sparky and Jenna decline running their own gang as well.

The party discusses the fate of all of Rathonel’s ex-pawns, as some felt like all should be brought back to life as they were, whereas others feel like changing who is brought back would bring positive change to Redford (Sorsha reveals that the Old, Old Madge would have just packed up and left Redford for the dwarven city of Underhall). During this discussion, Lord Pendleton is brought back to life and he talks with the party. He will be making sure the gangs do not get out of control and offers a knighthood to members of the party again. The group decides to not become Knights of Redford and tell Lord Pendleton that they will be leaving town soon.

It is ultimately decided that all except Old Madge will be restored. Jenna and ex-Silver Unicorn staff decide to come with the party to the capital of Oleand rather than be in danger of being hurt by Grall. A deal is made to resurrect Grall one week later, giving everyone time to leave town. Finn pays Jenna to get all of her group transportation arrangements to leave town with the party.

The party then sets out for the capital city of Llaedry, with a couple of things to do once they get there:

1. Finn wants to find Nixx in a tavern in Llaedry, for information about his Great Uncle Atticus.
2. The party is owed a reward from someone for rescuing Thenn from the Verdant Mother.
3. Wesley has a (half-elven?) sister who was in Llaedry.
4. Find Jenna and group a new home.

Showdown with Rathonel

Six tries to trample the party, only injuring Wesley. Wesley heals Sorsha and she charges and kills Six.

Three blasts come up from below the water in river where the angel Illustria fell. Crugold recognizes these blasts as the fireball potion used by Wesley and the homunculi (plural of homunculus?) of Rathonel. Nine appears behind the party and attempts to tell them that Gibley was going to get better before going back on the deal. Finn throws shuriken at him, killing Nine before he can try and parley further. Crugold casts detect invisibility on the party. Finn spots another construct of Rathonel and kills that creature with shuriken as well.

Crugold passes 4 potions (Bull’s Strength, Bear Endurance, Magic Weapon, Bless weapon) to both Finn and Sorsha, as they prepare to tie rope to each other and have Finn jump into the river to find Illustria. Finn chugs his potions and leaps into the river and finds a secret foom under the murky water. He ties off the rope and tugs on it a few times, which signals the rest of the party to follow down.

The room is a cavern of hewn rock, with old tanks filled with various fluids. Once the party is united, Finn runs to an exit and notices that the passage behind the doorway changed to a different passage. The party tries another door and the passage changes as well. Crugold deduces that this is a trick by Rathonel to keep the party from descending. The party splits up between the two passages and are able to make it into a much larger room with working alchemical gear. Sorsha spots a body that looks like it will grow up to be Risul. Sorsha and Finn begin to wreck the lab, pushing over huge glass vats and vials.

A creature in robes with an elephant’s head (and those backward hands) comes out of invisibility, which is Rathonel. He is holding a large vial in one hand and threatening to pour a smaller vial into that one, telling the party that Gibley’s life hangs in the balance. Crugold casts grease on the large vial, but Rathonel is able to hang onto it. Sorsha attempts to sunder the large vial that Rathonel is holding, but misses. Rathonel casts a lightning bolt at the party, wounding everyone but Finn, who wasn’t in the line of fire. Finn charges Rathonel and grapples the arm that cast the lightning bolt, Rathonel drops the Gibley vial, which doesn’t break. Wesley heals Crugold and Sorsha breaks the Gibley vial. Finn continues to grapple Rathonel’s arm, twisting it further. Wesley attacks (and crits!) Rathonel. Sorsha hits Rathonel three times hard, killing him.

Finn loots Rathonel’s body, which has a 6 inch horn like Six, a kukra (curved knife), 4 potions, and robes – which he gives to Crugold to identify later. Sorsha goes into a back room and finds a milky colored portal/pool on the ground. In the room are 5 other vials, which are similar to the Gibley vial. In 3 of the 5 vials, there are items (eye, tusk, toe), which are thought to be Risul’s eye and Grall’s tusk. It is unknown about the toe. Sorsha breaks all of the vials. Crugold inpsects the milky pool and believes it to be how Rathonel traps the souls. He breaks the pool by pouring the potion that Rathonel had originally threatened the party with Gibley’s vial into the pool.

Wesley hears a skittering sound and begins to give chase into a study. Crugold casted a summon spell to have 5 vipers search the area. In the study, there is a molten pool of copper and one side of the room has been scorched. This is where Illustria has died. Crugold and Wesley begin to put all the remaining papers in the study into a Bag of Holding.

Sorsha leaves Rathonel’s lair, following tracks from the skittering creature to the set of pools near the river. She finds where the creature had escaped and looks in the pool. She sees that this is Lord Pendleton’s room. She sees Lord Pendleton enter the room quickly and begin to write a short letter. Afterwards, Pendleton begins to hastily pack for a trip. Finn retrieves Wesley and Crugold and everyone makes it to the pools. Sorsha lines up a shot with her bow and attacks Lord Pendleton through the portal twice. He waves at where the portal should be (even though he can’t actually see it) and yells, ‘I don’t want to be him anymore!’


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