Shadows of Brightwater

Showdown with Rathonel

Six tries to trample the party, only injuring Wesley. Wesley heals Sorsha and she charges and kills Six.

Three blasts come up from below the water in river where the angel Illustria fell. Crugold recognizes these blasts as the fireball potion used by Wesley and the homunculi (plural of homunculus?) of Rathonel. Nine appears behind the party and attempts to tell them that Gibley was going to get better before going back on the deal. Finn throws shuriken at him, killing Nine before he can try and parley further. Crugold casts detect invisibility on the party. Finn spots another construct of Rathonel and kills that creature with shuriken as well.

Crugold passes 4 potions (Bull’s Strength, Bear Endurance, Magic Weapon, Bless weapon) to both Finn and Sorsha, as they prepare to tie rope to each other and have Finn jump into the river to find Illustria. Finn chugs his potions and leaps into the river and finds a secret foom under the murky water. He ties off the rope and tugs on it a few times, which signals the rest of the party to follow down.

The room is a cavern of hewn rock, with old tanks filled with various fluids. Once the party is united, Finn runs to an exit and notices that the passage behind the doorway changed to a different passage. The party tries another door and the passage changes as well. Crugold deduces that this is a trick by Rathonel to keep the party from descending. The party splits up between the two passages and are able to make it into a much larger room with working alchemical gear. Sorsha spots a body that looks like it will grow up to be Risul. Sorsha and Finn begin to wreck the lab, pushing over huge glass vats and vials.

A creature in robes with an elephant’s head (and those backward hands) comes out of invisibility, which is Rathonel. He is holding a large vial in one hand and threatening to pour a smaller vial into that one, telling the party that Gibley’s life hangs in the balance. Crugold casts grease on the large vial, but Rathonel is able to hang onto it. Sorsha attempts to sunder the large vial that Rathonel is holding, but misses. Rathonel casts a lightning bolt at the party, wounding everyone but Finn, who wasn’t in the line of fire. Finn charges Rathonel and grapples the arm that cast the lightning bolt, Rathonel drops the Gibley vial, which doesn’t break. Wesley heals Crugold and Sorsha breaks the Gibley vial. Finn continues to grapple Rathonel’s arm, twisting it further. Wesley attacks (and crits!) Rathonel. Sorsha hits Rathonel three times hard, killing him.

Finn loots Rathonel’s body, which has a 6 inch horn like Six, a kukra (curved knife), 4 potions, and robes – which he gives to Crugold to identify later. Sorsha goes into a back room and finds a milky colored portal/pool on the ground. In the room are 5 other vials, which are similar to the Gibley vial. In 3 of the 5 vials, there are items (eye, tusk, toe), which are thought to be Risul’s eye and Grall’s tusk. It is unknown about the toe. Sorsha breaks all of the vials. Crugold inpsects the milky pool and believes it to be how Rathonel traps the souls. He breaks the pool by pouring the potion that Rathonel had originally threatened the party with Gibley’s vial into the pool.

Wesley hears a skittering sound and begins to give chase into a study. Crugold casted a summon spell to have 5 vipers search the area. In the study, there is a molten pool of copper and one side of the room has been scorched. This is where Illustria has died. Crugold and Wesley begin to put all the remaining papers in the study into a Bag of Holding.

Sorsha leaves Rathonel’s lair, following tracks from the skittering creature to the set of pools near the river. She finds where the creature had escaped and looks in the pool. She sees that this is Lord Pendleton’s room. She sees Lord Pendleton enter the room quickly and begin to write a short letter. Afterwards, Pendleton begins to hastily pack for a trip. Finn retrieves Wesley and Crugold and everyone makes it to the pools. Sorsha lines up a shot with her bow and attacks Lord Pendleton through the portal twice. He waves at where the portal should be (even though he can’t actually see it) and yells, ‘I don’t want to be him anymore!’

Return to Rathonel's Realm

Gibley attacks Crugold, wounding him twice. Crugold is able to escape by flying high into the air. Gibley attempts to escape by running back across the bridge. Crugold summons an evil leapord, who chases Gibley. Crugold also casts a spell to detect Gibley’s thoughts and is surprised to find that Gibley is actually plotting on killing the entire party. The leopard is able to incapacitate Gibley and Crugold ties him up.

Wesley, Sorcha and Finn are in the Copper Coronet talking about what to do next. They decide that they should get rid of Rathonel and decide to try and talk to Tia Sul for more information. Sorcha says something about Arch Hierophant Galen which causes Wesley to run out of the pub towards the temple of Pelor. Wesley comes outside just in time to see Crugold’s spell.

Finn and Sorcha leave the Copper Coronet while bickering about who should be talking to Tia Sul about Rathonel. Crugold contacts the party, who meet under the bridge and they all decide to leave town with Gibley.

Outside of town, they decide the next step would be to get Galen to come out to the party outside of town. Crugold and Wesley stay with Gibley to get their spells and Finn and Sorcha head back into town to fetch Galen.

Upon arrival to the Temple of Pelor, Sorsha and Finn are met by the priest on duty, who says that Galen cannot be bothered. They end up storming the Temple and Finn eventually makes it to Galen’s room. Sorsha explains to Galen that there is a Rakshasa named Rathonel who is running the town and must be killed. Galen understands the situation, but goes to the temple’s basement to cast a spell to get help. Sister Daphne is sent to get Wesley and Crugold.

Galen completes his ritual and summons an angel named Illustria. She informs everyone that there is indeed a demon and she can take anyone willing to where he is. Illustria also tells everyone that Gibley is not actually Gibley, but something controlling Gibley’s body. She purges the thing controlling Gibley from his body, but his soul is still held captive somewhere.

The remaining members of the party volunteer to fight Rathonel. Galen also volunteers, but is told that he is too important and is not able to go. Illustria then takes the party to Rathonel’s plane of existance.

Illustria informs the party that this plane is unique, and that the rules aren’t the same here. She then begins to scout the area and falls into the river. The party goes to the river to retrieve Illustria and a giant horned ape construct (with the number 6 on it’s chest) rises out of the water to fight the party.

Finn is hit several times by Six. Sorsha is able to wound Six a couple of times. Crugold tries to shock Six by casting a lightning spell on Squiggly and sending it after Six, but Squiggly is unable to penetrate its armor.

Six is bloodied eventually and then begins a stampede attack…

Gibley's plans to become a 'legitimate' businessman in Redford...

Sorsha was being prepped by a Lord and various ladies-in-waiting to be knighted. Finn is brought past her room by the old guard and the two are united. Finn tells her that her maul is ready and Old Madge wants a word with her. Sorsha and Finn leave the keep heading towards Old Town.

Crugold and Wesley pay a visit to Lily Highvale, who is taking over duties of Lord Commander since Harlan Thibeau is missing. Crugold offers to restore her leg with a scroll, which he claims is from the party’s adventures in Brightwater. She says she will think about it and get back to him within the week.

Gibley goes to the remains of the Silver Unicorn and talks with Jenna about settling down in Redford. Gibley asks about housing the water business at the Silver Unicorn. He also asks Jenna to talk to Risul when he is back. Jenna doesn’t have much to say without Risul’s blessing, she tries not to ask too many questions. Gibley resolves to contact Rathonel later in the evening.

Sorsha and Finn arrive at the Bronze Sun armory to retrieve her maul, now adamantine. The party is reunited. Gibley picks up his adamantine dagger and they learn that Graul is also having a couple adamantine daggers made. The armory also makes an offer on the dragon’s corpse, which the party sells for 24k gold after taking various trophies for themselves.

The party meets with Old Madge at the woodworking shop. She requests that Sorsha take the knighthood, because no dwarf has ever had that status in Redford. It would be a large amount of pride for the dwarves and Sorsha would be allowed to own land in Redford. Gibley asks Madge for a loan to restore the Temple of Olidimarra, of which details would be worked out later.

When it becomes later in the day, Sofia (the late Torin Tresail’s girlfriend) shows up and slaps Wesley. She was upset that the group didn’t kill Rathonel when they had the chance. She states that they were the best shot at doing this and now the portal has likely been moved. Sofia also believes that Rathonel found a way to have Torin and Galen cross paths, resulting in Torin’s death. It is revealed that the request to recover the lost necklace in Old Vikram was a way for Torin to possibly not become cursed.

Gibley and Crugold try to contact Rathonel by lighting a lantern on the bridge at night. The rest of the group went to the Copper Coronet. A follower of Rathonel, named Three, answers the call. They find an open storeroom on the bridge to talk.

Gibley proposes staying in Redford as a businessman to Three. Three asks which leader Gibley would like to work under and it is revealed that Lee is now one of Rathonel’s pawns as the leader of a new gang called ‘The Lucky Ones’. Gibley decides he will be leaving town. Three says that Rathonel will be enacting plans of his own and tries to shoo them away.

Gibley then attacks Three. Crugold casts Daze Monster, succeeds, and is subsequently freed by an unknown force. Three drinks a strange red potion and begins to cackle madly. They recognize this potion as the same one that Wesley drank to explode and wound the dragon. Crugold attempts to dispel the magic, fails and tries to run out, realizing the door to the storeroom is locked. Gibley attacks the door with a charge and slices the door lock with his new daggers. Crugold hits the homonculous with a fire spell, pushing it back into the room further. The two of them run from the room, closing the door behind them, and they hear a small explosion.

Gibley then stabs Crugold in the ribs (Bye Peter, see you in 3 weeks!)

Aftermath of dragon attack in Redford

Finn was brought back to life by Galen, the Arch Hierophant. As expected, Finn was very hungry. The group filled Finn on what had happened while he was dead.

Sorsha was whisked off by Redford nobility, to be cleaned up for being knighted.

Gibley went to the Temple of Olidimarra and found things were going well. He gathered Lee and a couple other kids to talk about a new business – Cheap, fresh water for the town from the cauldron that they found! Gibley and Lee begin to work on a plan where his group could provide water at bulk discounts to the dealers in town.

Crugold decided to see what the extent of the dragon’s damage was. He finds that the first place that was attacked was the Silver Unicorn. The building was basically destroyed and the staff is working on cleaning up the rubble. Wesley talked to Jenna, who reports that Risul has survived but Lily did not. Crugold was able to find out that Risul was actually killed by the dragon, but that Risul’s boss will be bringing him back to life.

Crugold and Wesley talk briefly about the ‘missing’ raise dead scrolls to try and bring the employees of the Silver Unicorn back to life. Wesley is summoned by a member of the church of Pelor to have a word with Galen.

Meanwhile, Finn is approached by a member of the Bronze Sun armory. The maul looks to have been finished. Old Madge requests Sorsha to come by and have a talk, as well as pick up her weapon.

Gibley decides to try and take the cauldron of water to the ex-lair of Torin Tresail, who has supposedly been found and killed by Galen. Gibley evades a couple of lightning bolt traps, but ends up alerting a guard. The guard discovers Finn, as Crugold and Gibley have hidden. Finn allows himself to be captured by the guard.

Crugold and Gibley find a small room where Torin Tresail used to live. There is a small complex of rooms that may serve as a hideout for Gibley, this is being discussed.

Wesley and Galen talk, where Galen tells Wesley that Torin has been dispatched. Galen wanted to ask about the symbol on Wesley’s forehead. This is a symbol of Corellon Laretheon, god of the elves. Galen believed Corellon to be a dead god, but maybe he isn’t after all…

A halfling rogue, a gnomish wizard and a dwarven warrior walk into a bar...
But what about Finn though?

The party heads to the swamp where they believe the dragon’s horde is likely
to be stored. They tie up the horses, wade out to the low hill they remember
having an entrance previously. On the hill, they meet an old man who is
poking the ground with a staff. He hails the party and asks their business, to
which Gibley replies, “we are merely travelers passing through”. He says,
“same here,” but the party finds him suspicious.

Gibley pulls pokes at the ground with his shiethed rapier. Crugold makes
conversation with the old man. The old man tells them the water has a source
off in the distance. He also mentions there’s a lot of money down below, but
that it’s all flooded. The old man says he liked the area better when it
wasn’t so wet. Crugold offers to do something about the water and the old man
seems pleased. Conversation continues.

Crugold realizes that the man is an illusion. What they have been conversing
with is a swarm of several dozen six inch tall beings with a grasshopper
bottom and human top. Gibley starts freaking out and draws his daggers. The
horde draw their fiddles! Crugold tells Gibley to put his weapons away. One of
the beings plays a note which causes Gibley to dance. Half of the rest of the
creatures put away their tiny fiddles.

Sorcha sees the beings too. Crugold tries to clue Gibley in, but the illusion
is too strong for him. The swarm resume trying to convince the party to deal
with the water source thing.

Crugold casts a spell and starts wandering around (detect secret door), but he
doesn’t find anything. He then asks the group to show him where the water
source is. The horde wade into the water and indicate a direction and

Gibley asks the old man for a small bit of stick. He takes the stick and a
rope and heads under water. A minute later he surfaces. Sorcha hauls on the
rope and pulls up a cauldren which spews water. There’s a lid attached. Gibley
asks “the old man” about the details of this thing but they’re no help

Next they work on going into the old hole. Gibley grabs a rope and gets some
buffs from Crugold. He dives in and then ends up getting pulled into a huge
cavern. Gibley ties the rope off on an iron ring on the wall and tugs it to
signal the other two to come down.

Crugold and Sorcha do eventually figure out Gibley’s message and head down.
There’s a huge mound of copper in the cavern. They all search around looking
for loot. Crugold finds a mask which allows him to smell valuable items.
Sorcha gets suspicious. Crugold also finds a scroll and some puzzle box. The
three of them dive through the loot looking for the good stuff.

The three of them are confused by the seemingly paultry horde. They spend a
lot more time scanning the area. Gibley finally comes up from the water with
the silver eye of Risul. Crugold scruitinizes it and deems it not worth much.
The three of them are a little unsatisfied but decide to head back.

They head back out through the way back. Crugold sends Squigly down to do
reconnaisance but she has nothing especially intriguing to say. The three
adventurers head back to Redford with their haul.

With all that taken care off, the three of them head back. They see the body
of a red knight that has been bitten apart.

On the way back to town they see some knights … doing something. They carry
the banner of the Knights of Thunder. They operate out of the capitol. They
were originally a small group of paladins who worshiped the god of valor.
Crugold hails them as they approach. Among the party of paladins is “Thehn”,
the guy we saved from the dragon. His arm has been restored and it now has a
tatoo of the Knights of Thunder.

Thehn greets the three of them. The two parties chat. There is some discussion
of recent events and then it is clarified that Sorcha delt the killing blows
to the dragon.

A “lord Cullen” sidles up to the party and talks about the proceedings to
follow. It … gets weird?

Upon return to town a “Galen” greets them. He’s the “arch-hirophant”. Sorcha
confronts him and presents the body parts. He tells the party to come inside. (! LOL)

Galen places the piece of Wesley’s skull on a table and covers the entire
table in a sheet. He spends several minutes performing a ritual. As he does so
the sheet rises and takes the form one would expect of a sheet draped over a
corpse. At the end of the ritual Galen pulls the sheet down to the body’s
shoulders and touches its forehead. Wesley awakes with a start and immediately
commences demanding to know the status of the party, the dragon, the Silver
Unicorn, the rest of Redford and so on.

Battle with the Verdant Mother

Sorsha engaged in melee combat with the dragon, while the rest of the party was outside of the library. The party all saved against the dragon’s fear. The dragon cast a spell, which caused vines to cover the entrance to the library. Crugold used a potion on Finn to kill the vines, but Finn failed his roll and was entangled. Sorsha missed both of her attacks and took 36 points of damage from claws and a bite. Gibley had climbed the library wall and made it behind the dragon. He made a successful sneak attack and was hit by the dragon’s tail and wing for 26 hp, dropping him to 0 hp.

The dragon then breathed acid, which took Sorsha to -9 hp and Wesley down by 15 hp. Finn was able to save for 0 damage.

Crugold cast fly to get a bird’s eye view of the battle. He then cast Wall of Force to block the dragon’s advance on the party. Finn was unharmed by the acid breath weapon and rapidly moved to take Sorsha to safety outside of the library. The dragon felt along the Wall of Force until finding the edge and broke through the weaker wall to its side, taking it further into the library.

Wesley healed Sorsha to positive hitpoints. Crugold flew back to the party and gave Sorsha a potion of Bear’s Endurance. Finn gave Sorsha a potion of Cure Light and drank a potion of Magic Weapon. Sorsha drank the potion and moved to engage the dragon again. Wesley retreated after convincing Sorsha to retreat and battle the dragon under different circumstances.

Crugold cast Cloudkill over the dragon and Sorsha. Sorsha made a successful saving throw. The dragon rolled a 1, an automatic failure, and took 2 points of Con damage.

Finn tried to wrap his net over the dragon’s head, but missed. Sorsha missed again with her hammer and took an opportunity attack from the dragon, which damaged her for 15 hp. Sorsha moved out of range from the cloud.

The dragon did a full round of attacks, which ultimately ended up killing Finn by biting his head off.

Sorsha grabbed Finn’s body and began to retreat. While Wesley was retreating, he stopped to help an old lady who was on the ground. She looked up at him with a crooked grin and handed him a potion. Wesley noticed that she had backwards hands!

Wesley drank the potion and ran back towards the battle. His skin felt like it was on fire and Wesley was changed into a giant fire elemental. As the dragon was midair looking for Crugold, Wesley challenges it to battle. The dragon swooped toward Wesley’s fiery body and an explosion happened, which knocked Sorsha off her feet and an invisible Crugold back in the air.

After the explosion there is no sign of Wesley, but the dragon is gravely injured. Sorsha and Crugold resolved to finish it off. Sorsha received a potion from an invisible person with Crugold’s voice. Sorsha charged the dragon, doing 25 points of damage. Crugold cast Scorching Ray at the dragon, but missed. The Verdant Mother tried to retreat and was smashed again by Sorsha for another 12 points. The dragon manages to get back into the air and was shot through the eye by an Adamantine arrow from Sorsha. The dragon finally dies.

Sorsha found a piece of bone with Wesley’s moon symbol and wraps that up to hopefully resurrect Wesley later. Resurrection spells are costly, at 10000 gold (perhaps it is a good idea to also preserve Finn and Wesley’s bodies as well?). As the surviving members are discussing what to do with the dragon’s body (scales, bones, etc are worth money), a large contigent of Red Knights led by Lily Highvale come to the scene. The party is told that Lord Pendleton would like a word with them.

Sorsha and Crugold tell Lily that they have a job to do (finding the dragon’s treasure hoard) and will be back to deal with Lord Pendleton later.

A Meeting in the Twilight Zone

A metal wyvern swooped down to attack the party and Five ran away to hide. Sorsha shot it with a bow, damaging its wing. Gibley threw a dagger at it, to no effect. Finn threw his net at it, entangling its head, but not bringing it down to the ground. The wyvern picked Sorsha up into the air and Finn threw Gibley onto the beast. The wyvern poisoned Gibley with its stinger and was then killed by Sorsha.

Another being, calling himself Nine, came to talk with the party about Rathonel. Nine told the party about Rathonel was an ‘administrator’ of another city, but the citizens revolted because things were too idyllic and perfect. Rathonel escaped his former master and eventually came to Redford. He believes that the citizens are incapable of handling their own affairs and has since been ‘administrating’ Redford through his servants.

Nine stated that Rathonel owed the party a debt, because of the prior rescue of Risul and uncovering a plot by the Tharn to attack Redford with the green dragon. Risul does object to being controlled by Rathonel, which is why he didn’t want to come back after his rescue.

Additionally, Nine tells the party that Gibley was given a piece of Olidammara’s power. When Gibley didn’t leave Redford, the avatar was weakened, which attracted a powerful creature that killed her. Rathonel had a curse put on Gibley to take Slim Slicer’s place in town as Jacob the Tinkerer.

Nine told the party that they could be returned unharmed to Redford, along with removing Gibley’s curse if the party decides to leave peacefully. In addition, the party will have no problems with the Red Guard, despite killing Lord Commander Harlan Thibeau.

The party agreed to leave and were given instructions to contacting Nine in the normal world:

- A visit to the Bronze Sun Armory will be taken as a sign of non-aggression
- Lighting a lantern on the bridge at night is a sign that the party wants to talk
- Lighting a lantern on the bridge during the day is a declaration of war

The party decided to not pursue the matter further and Nine took the party to a viewing pool, which was the way back to Redford. Because the beings (imps, followers of Rathonel) in the other dimension are able to hear conversations and observe, the party left town to talk about next steps:

1. Resupply in Redford
2. Go to Llaedry to find Finn’s uncle and try to talk to the King about Brightwater
3. Go to Old Vikram to get Lucien’s necklace

The party (minus Finn, who stayed outside of Redford) went back to town to do final tasks:

Gibley went to the Temple of Olidammara to pay homage. It is now occupied by a group of street youths and a small shrine is inside. As Gibley went to leave the temple, he briefly lost consciousness.

Wesley went to the Silver Unicorn to visit Risul to ask some final questions before leaving town. Risul told him that his sister is in Old Vikram.

Arrival to an unknown plane of existence
Mess with the bull, get the horns

Sorsha stabbed Gibley, rendering him unconsicious for the fight with the guards. Harlan Thibeau and the Red Guard moved to attack the party. Sorsha took many hits and Finn went into a rage over the loss of Gibley.

Crugold summoned an Auroch (an infernal bull), which proceeded to stampede through the guards. The fight soon ended with Harlan incapacitated, a priest who surrendered ( protected by a Sanctuary spell), Wesley healing Gibley and one guard who escaped the mansion ( he was able to intimidate Finn out of his rage ).

Gibley searched Harlan and took a magical 2 handed sword (found to be +1 and a lawful weapon), a cloak of resistance, a set of full plate and some potions. Sorsha drank several healing potions and received an admonition from Finn for trying to kill Gibley.

A resurrection scroll was then given to the priest. Wesley took Harlan into the secret room and killed him, which opened the portal and teleported the party to another plane.

The party found themselves in a savannah with a red sky. Crugold and Wesley were unable to discern which plane they were on, unfortunately. Although there are no markers for the party to know direction, for illustration purposes:

East was woods of metallic trees
West was a river
South was a mountain

Near the party were pools of water, which upon inspection it was found that each pool could view Redford in a different location. Crugold immersed his head in a pool and found that he could hear conversation in Redford. This is how Rathonel is able to know about the goings-on in the town. Finn found tracks near the river, which might have been a boat or a large creature like a crocodile.

The party rested up and voted to check the mountain, which had little holes where Rathonel might be found. When the party reached the mountain, a voice who identified itself as Five started to converse with the party. The invisible Five revealed that there was also a One through Nine, who all acted as eyes for Rathonel.

Crugold went to cast Detect Invisibility as a piercing shriek was heard by all. Five exclaimed that a bird of prey was coming.

So, a halfling and gnome were cleaning/robbing this temple and...

Gibley and Crugold were in the Temple of Pelor, hiding. Gibley disarmed the poison from the doorknob and kept some for later. Upon opening the door, they discovered a larder from which they took some food and magic candles. The candles were recognized as truth candles, Gibley replaced those with a few mundane candles of his own. Inside this room they found another door, which had 3 traps on it. Gibley managed to disarm 2/3 of the traps, but one of the traps caused a fiery explosion. It didn’t seem like anyone was alerted, however.

Behind this new door was a room full of scrolls. Two of the scrolls attacked Gibley and Crugold. After dispatching the two guardian scrolls, they looted the room. Then Crugold left a note saying that Rathonel did this and left an address to the mansion.

At the mansion, the party tried to gain access. Sorsha and Finn went around the back, knocking on the door to the servant’s entrance. A butler opened the back door and said that this was not Rathonel’s home, but rather some other noble. Sorsha barged into the mansion and Finn knocked out the poor butler, who was going to scream for help.

Outside the mansion, a couple of guards who were following the party in Uptown approached Wesley. Wesley tried to explain that they were there to slay a demon who was living there, but only confused/amused them. He ended up bribing them to go away. Gibley picked the lock to the gate of the mansion and Sorsha let the group inside the front door.

The party found the basement and a hidden room in a wall. Crugold tried to detect magic in this room and was temporarily dazzled by the amount of magic there. The Lord Commander of the Red Knights and a few guards arrived via the servant’s entrance and came downstairs to the basement. Harlan Thebeau demanded that the party give themselves up.

Sorsha made a move to try and kill Gibley so the party could be transported to Rathonel’s lair.

An interview with a vampire

Stuff that wasn’t mentioned from the last week—-

The party interrogated the Tharn shaman, who didn’t provide much information. She was an attendant of the Verdant Mother, a young adult green dragon who lives in an underground cave complex in the swamps to the west of Redford. The party handed over the shaman to Thibeau, who promised to give more information to the party if further interrogation was successful.

Jenna and Lily were running out of options to keep the Hangtooth gang away from the Silver Unicorn, so Risul was brought back into town. Risul is starting to recover. The secret tunnel out of town from the Silver Unicorn is no more.

Sorsha and Gibley paid a visit to Lucien Tresail, who told them to meet outside of town at midnight. The demon/puppet master controlling the gangs is a rakshasa named Rathonel. Their natural shapes are relatively humanoid although they are clearly not human, as they appear more as humanoid beasts, usually tigers. A rakshasa can be identified by their backwards hands, even if they are magically disguised.

Redford’s keep is unable to sustain the entire town, in the event of a siege. Lord Commander Harlan Thibeau asked the party to ask Dwarf Town if they would be willing to let in refugees, in case Redford was attacked.

The party decided to meet Lucien at midnight.

This week—-

Wesley, Sorsha, and Crugold talked to Old Madge, boss of the dwarven gang called The Family. The talk was largely unsuccessful, as Old Madge declined to open up Dwarf Town for refugees if the dragon and Tharn attacked. She also mentioned that she had briefly met Sorsha’s father a few decades ago. The party reported to Lord Commander Harlan Thibeau that Dwarf Town is not an option, should Redford become under attack.

Gibley talked to Risul, who seems to be recovering. Risul inquired about his missing firearm and seemed to believe that Gibley didn’t know where it was.

Party went to the meeting spot at midnight and talked with Lucien Tresail, who had two conditions for the party before divulging where the rakshasa was located:

1. Talk Lucien’s girlfriend Sophia into leaving town.

Wesley talked to Sophia and convinced her that leaving town temporarily was the safest option, as the rakshasa likely knows what the party is up to now.

2. Retrieve an old necklace from Old Vikram.

The necklace was owned by Lucien Tresail’s father and was considered to be the crown of the old Vikram kingdom. The necklace was last seen in Old Vikram, a city to the Northeast, currently used as a base for troops on the way to Tharn. Lucien asked that the necklace be delivered in a few years, provided that the party survives the encounter with the demon.

The party learned the demon is in Uptown Redford from Lucien. Inside the demon’s mansion, there is a circle which will open a portal into the Rathonel’s hideout. Unfortunately, to activate the portal, a sacrifice of someone good must be performed inside of the circle. A discussion happened with the party about who should be sacrificed. Finn decided he could not be a part of any sacrificing ritual and left the discussion to help Lucien’s girlfriend ready her horse to leave town.

Gibley and Crugold made a plan to raid the Church of Pelor for scrolls of resurrection, items usually held for richer citizens of Redford. They are currently sneaking around in the temple and are searching for the scrolls. The game ended with Gibley finding a potential door and he discovered the doorknob had poison on it.


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