Wizard and bookkeeper for the Hangtooth Gang


A somewhat disheveled-looking halfling with dark hair and a wry smile, Sparky nevertheless always carries himself with an air of authority. He often has a variety of large books with him, along with a posse of large Hangtooth members to carry them.

When on a job, either with his magic or with his ledgers, he takes pride in paying attention to details. Otherwise, he’s a man of good humor…though that humor is sometimes a bit dark.


Sparky claims to have traveled widely in his youth, plying his skills with magic and trickery for a nomadic halfling band he refuses to name. It’s unclear why he chose to settle in Redford, but he apparently did so about 10 years ago. He found work as a mercenary and consultant until about 6 years ago, when Grall started the Hangtooths. He’s been with the gang ever since, doing Grall’s books and providing magical aid for the gang’s activities.


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