Slim Slicer

(DEAD) Leader of the Slicer Gang


Slim is a fit man of short height, long dark hair and an attractive face…until he opens his mouth, revealing rows of rotten teeth. He grins constantly, seeming to enjoy others’ disgust. He speaks with exaggerated courtesy, telling people what a kind and civil-minded man he is, even while he’s robbing them.

Despite how foolish he acts, a sharp eye will notice he is deliberate in his movements, and well skilled with the magic longsword he carries.


The boy who would become known as “Slim” was the son of a wealthy Llaedry noble. He received an excellent education in both academic and practical skills, and showed a great deal of talent for both magic and swordplay. When he came of age he was enrolled as a squire in the Knights of Thunder, but his masters there proved less indulgent than his private tutors. He had a series of disciplinary problems, culminating in a fight with a superior…whom he killed.

Disowned by his family, he fled to Redford, where he quickly gained notoriety as a sellsword. Always charismatic and ambitious, Slim managed to spend his mercenary money on bribes for the Red Knights, getting them to back his new “militia,” the Slicers, in the heart of Old Town.

His death eventually came at the hands of Our Heroes, who intervened in his shakedown of an old baker on Smith Street, in Hangtooth territory. He escaped with his life, but tried his luck again with the remainder of his gang, ambushing Our Heroes while they tried to exit the Tomb of Torin Tresail. He lost again, though not before killing Brother Oleg.

His unconscious body was carried by an underling to his clubhouse in Old Town, but Grall and the Hangtooths got wind of the Slicer’s losses and attacked. Our Heroes came in as Grall was deciding what to do with him, and he was killed by Sorsha Thunderstone.

Unbeknownst to the party at that time, Slim was also a Rathonel Clone, his mind having been replaced by a specially made psychic homunculus shortly after his rise to power. Without a fourth gang leader to use in his puppet-like control over Redford, Rathonel began looking for a replacement, eventually settling on one of Our Heroes, Gibley.

After Rathonel was destroyed, Our Heroes smashed the vessel containing Slim’s soul, in theory making it possible to resurrect him…but no one seems in a hurry to do so.

Slim Slicer

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