Leader of the former Silver Unicorn companions


While all the girls of the Silver Unicorn are beautiful, Jenna stands out by virtue of her wit and charm. She is red-haired, full-bodied, and always moves with grace. Her perceptive eyes are quick to catch the subtle cues of what her audience expects from her, and she does her best to match those expectations. Thus she can be found playing the part of the delicate lady or that of the crude drinking partner, depending on the company.


While Risul may own the Silver Unicorn, it is commonly understood that Jenna runs the place. She acts as both manager of the business and older sister to the other girls that work there. Her social graces and keen mind for finance help her smooth over any disagreements with the establishment’s customers while allowing Risul to remain aloof. Jenna has clearly benefited from a formal education, but she remains reluctant to share details about her past. Most assume that she was raised and taught by Risul, so great is her love and respect for the man.

It’s unclear how closely she’s involved with the information brokering part of the Ring’s operations. Her top priorities appear to be the Unicorn and the girls that work there, but when Risul needs something done right, chances are good that Jenna will be involved personally.


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