Half-Orc Leader of the Hangtooth Gang


Grall is an imposing half-orc, standing well over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and thick arms to match. His red, beady eyes peer out from under a thick brow, usually knotted in concentration. The lower left side of his face was smashed in during some long-ago fight, losing him that tusk and most of that side of his jaw. His remaining tusk protrudes from his lower lip, giving him a permanent sneer.

He dresses in simple, dark clothing, and carries a variety of tiny hooked daggers, no two alike, that look even smaller in his massive hands.


Grall grew up on the streets of Redford, bullying those weaker than him and being useful to those stronger. He learned how to use both his considerable muscle and a surprising knack for subtlety in all manner of illegal activities, usually muggings and burglaries. After meeting Sparky six years ago, he organized a coup in his own gang, killing his old leader and forming the Hangtooths.

As leader of the Hangtooth Gang, Grall rules over Smith Street and (since Slim’s demise) all of Old Town as well. He known to be cruel and vicious…but he never lies or tries to manipulate others. This has earned him the respect of the Rhul Gang of Dwarftown. He is the sworn enemy of Silvereye and the Ring Gang.


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