Finnick 'Finn' Haldane

The 'Action Man' Monk of the party. Also, loves sandwiches.


Finn is very tall and wiry for his age, but shows signs that he’ll be ‘filling out’ as he gets past his teenage years. An early battle wound has left a long scar across his chest, of which he is very self-conscious about.

He is usually a very carefree person and loves eating, playing jokes and fishing. Finn’s talents tend to be very physical, with zero interest in social graces or anything academic.


Finn is the son of a family that ran once a lumber mill in a far away town. An accident at the mill killed his family when Finn was just a year old. Finn has been raised and trained by his great uncle Atticus Haldane, who is a potter in the town of Brightwater.

Finnick 'Finn' Haldane

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