Rodand Carter

Former Sheriff of Brightwater, now Captain in the Red Knights


A gruff and weathered-looking human male in his late 40’s, Carter is rarely seen without his bow and his horse. Always terse and businesslike, since the death of his wife he’s been downright reclusive. His serious nature belies a caring nature: if one of his friends or neighbors needs help, he’s quick to act, and slow to judge.


Carter grew up in a poor village a short ways to the West of Redford. He always had a talent for wilderness survival, and even at a young age would go on multi-day solo hunting trips to help feed himself and his family. When he was caught poaching on the crown’s land, a young Lord Pendleton, apparently impressed with Carter’s skill, stayed his execution and offered him a commission with the Red Knights.

After a short career in Redford, Rodand married a young woman named Kathryn, and was assigned to the frontier town of Brightwater as the town Sheriff. For him, the assignment was a dream come true, a chance to get out of the city and back to the wilderness, to settle down and start a family. Sadly, it was not to be. His wife bore him no children, and drowned in the river after only two years in Redford. He was never the same.

Despite his personal tragedy, Carter took his responsibilities as Sheriff very seriously. He often met with the other “town elders” to discuss plans, and was particularly good friends with Oslo Thunderstone.

Rodand Carter

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