Brother Oleg

(DEAD) Dwarf priest of Pelor


A bald and scandalously short-bearded dwarf with a young face, Brother Oleg is meticulous in his appearance and manner. He wears the white robes of the Priesthood of Pelor, emblazoned on the front with a golden sun. At his belt is a variety of small pouches and a large mace, and when expecting trouble he packs a large crossbow on his back.


Dein Oleg led a short and tragic life. His mother was a struggling merchant who would take goods from Underhall to Old Vikram, and they held little social status because of her association with the surface world. Orphaned when the merchant wagon was attacked by bandits, he was saved and nursed back to health by a kindly old priest of Pelor. He was convinced of Pelor’s power and had little love for his homeland, so he joined the priesthood himself, only to face more hardship and discrimination from his human peers.

Once his training was complete, he served at the temple in Old Vikram for a time, but he slowly became convinced that his calling was to bring the light of Pelor to the dwarves of Underhall. He packed and left just before the Tharn War broke out, leading many in his order to think he was fleeing out of cowardice.

When he returned home, he was met with suspicion and hostility. The dwarves of Underhall are very traditional, and they refused to worship a human deity, no matter how useful his magic was against the hated Drow. After six long years of trying and failing to convert even one disciple, Oleg left, convinced of his own uselessness.

He wandered the roads of Oleand, eventually coming to Redford. The temple there was too desperate for help to care about his failure or his race, and he found some solace in helping the people as best he could. Years passed, until a chance encounter with Lucien Tresail left him a clue of the vampire’s identity and true nature. He researched further, and when the Tomb of Torin Tresail was opened by grave robbers, he got permission to hire Our Heroes to investigate it, seeking confirmation of his suspicions.

Unfortunately, the decision would prove fatal. While he was guarding the entrance to the Tomb, he was attacked by Slim Slicer and his gang, who were after Our Heroes for unrelated reasons. They robbed and tormented him, using him as a distraction in the eventual fight. He was killed by an errant blast of flame. His order lacked the resources to have him raised, and so he met his end, unnoticed and unloved, because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brother Oleg

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