Atticus Haldane

(DEAD) Monk father-figure to Finn


Atticus Haldane is an elderly potter who looks to be in his 60’s. His notable features are his long white beard and solemn eyes. Although his profession is a potter, he always seems to be clean and well kept. He is polite and courteous to the townsfolk of Brightwater, but still remains a bit of a mystery to the general population as he tends to keep to himself.


Atticus is Finn’s great uncle, who has raised Finn since his parents died in a Lumber Mill accident 13 years ago. After the accident, Atticus moved to Brightwater. Atticus is the town potter and has also trained Finn to be proficient in martial arts.

After the Brightwater tragedy, Atticus has left town and left Finn a note saying to ‘find Nixx in Llaedry’.

Atticus Haldane

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