Shadows of Brightwater

So that's basically it for the conspiracy, probably.

Our heroes searched the sewer complex of the cultist for clues and loot. We also went through the Rising Son and found a non-magical golden fish.

From Attin we obtained the general plan of the cult and determined we had set their plan back considerably if not disrupted it completely.

Wesley went back to Captain Theleus of the guard to give him most of the information and have his people take over the rest of the investigation. When Attin learned that the captain was sending guards to the various locations he mentioned that the alchemical factory had a gorgon for defense.

The party hurried to the scene to contain the damage but not in time to save all the guards. Attin demonstrated his willingness to help as well as his capabilities by disappearing and then backstabbing the gorgon. The gorgon immediately knocked him down but Wesley brought him back.

At some point before Attin mentioned the gorgon Finn wandered off without anyone noticing…


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