Shadows of Brightwater

Reduce, reuse, reanimate

A modest proposal: "why does evil have to be bad?"

We “stormed the castle” with the objective of foiling the rescue of Wesley’s nephew. Finn led us into a secret passage into the dungeons below. There was only an oil lantern for light, but it turned out to be because we were in an anti-magic field. We pressed on and then heard a large explosion. Pressing forward we came outside to find ourselves on a deserted beach with signs of a recent departure.

Crugold joined us then with scrolls in hand to cure us of our maladies. To find the recent departies he summoned a celestial squid which shot out into the water and marked the boat we were looking for. Crugold marked it some more and all of us went to town making life miserable for the occupants. Sorsha and Wesley took care of those who came to shore and the others took care of those on the boat.

In the process we killed a high-ranking member of the school of necromancy as well as some students. One of the victims was a half-elf who was probably Wesley’s nephew.


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