Shadows of Brightwater

Onward, into the mountains to the north

The group wrapped up in Laedry, speaking with Attin, captain Theleos and ultimately we were unsatisfied with the conclusion of the cultish plot but so no way for us to make any further progress.

The team resumed their quest to find Finn’s uncle Atticus by looking for him at the Sky Monastary. We hired a guide named Callie to escort us up the mountains. The first day was fine except for a few incidents, possibly with some fae taking an interest in Wesley. On the second day the weather turned nasty so Callie led us underground into the territory of the Bonesplinter orcs. A few miles in we came to a spot where Callie was confused by the shapes of the tunnels. She instructed us to stay put and be wary of giants and such, then she turned into a small burrowing mammal and took off. Gibley decided to try to chase after her. Wesley silenced the area.

After a few minutes we saw a light coming from far down the tunnel from whence we had arrived at our current locale. As it drew closer some of the party were able to identify the light as flames inside some kind of toothed mouth.


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