Shadows of Brightwater

News Travels Fast

The Street Hawk: "The Truth Is Easy To Sell"

We continued to explore the chambers of the late head of The of Necromancy at the Arcane University. We put a huge stack of gold in a hole. We found a holy symbol to Narul, some spellbooks, a secret panel containing a mysterious magical tome and then the faculty interrupted us.

Wesley ran interference and asked a few questions. They demonstrated more interest in the sanctity of the college’s independence from outside law. Wesley asked how responsible they were for the professor’s exploits and that scared ’em off. Wesley promised to return any evidence found when the investigation is concluded.

Crugold found a receipt for some alchemical materials bought in bulk, including the ingredients for the explosion which opened up the prison. We also found a list of dates, times and symbols. The dates and times matched events we knew of which allowed us to guess at the meanings of the symbols, which all seemed to refer to locations. One of the dates was four days in the future and the symbol next to it looked like a sun rising or setting.

Having exhausted ourselves and the office we retired to a new inn. On our way Finn borrowed some money from Gibley and slipped away. He went to the Tanner’s Table to ask Nix about the dates, times and symbols. Nix was difficult, but eventually admitted someone had dropped a similar piece of paper next to him and he had grabbed it. He sold the paper to one of the news papers.

Next Finn went to the Hound’s Tooth and asked Jenna about the golem we fought. Jenna recognized her as one of the victims. Jenna also suggested the symbol for the next meeting might refer to a particular brothel that is lit by the cathedral at night in a way which looks like that symbol.

Finn returned to the group and related most of what he had found. Then he and Gibley went to the Street Hawk. Before they got there Gibley asked Finn to rough him up. Gibley went in to the office with a story about the Crown Crier roughing him up for info. The manager believes it and writes up new copy about the Curfew Cutter not operating alone and how there’s still an evil cabal at work.

Crugold and Sorcha did some shopping and research.

Westey went back to check in with the Captain of the Guard, who didn’t have much to say except that there’s probably more going on, and that he’s worried about the spread of disease in Laedry. He also said to visit Wesley’s sister, which Wesley did.

Gibley and Finn went to the Cathedral of Paylor to see how folks reacted to the Street Hawk’s news ruffled the feathers of folks near the cathedral. While Gibley was picking pockets Finn saw some hooded figures scurrying into a carriage.


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