Shadows of Brightwater

Hey buddy, could we get a lift to Skye Monastery?

Also, sorry about killing your dudes.

The heroes fought and then talked with a storm giant named Dalkon (though we called him many other things). Dalkon killed Callie with single well-placed (and enormous) arrow during the battle, but we took down his two stone giant buddies.

Dalkon declared he was an enemy of orcs only and had no quarrel with us. We negotiated with him to have him transport us to and from the Sky Monastery. We also agreed to help him take out an Orc named Wrongeye. We resurrected one of his buddies and set up an ambush for the party Dalkon had mistaken us for.

A bizarre orc-demon hybrid of some sort came out first, shortly followed by a female orc with long shaggy knotted hair interwoven with beads, rings and bones, and carrying a large great-sword across her back. She was flanked by orcish warriors.

And then NIX crawls out of his bag and asks what’s going on!


BlackH7 guitar_robot

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