Shadows of Brightwater

And now the exciting conclusion to Season Three

We promise we won't go Battlestar Galactica on you


The heroes easily handled the orc warlord Wrongeye and her entourage. Afterword Dalkon conveyed them to the Skye Monastery.

The ancient monk Kaladrian informed them that Atticus was on a diplomatic mission to the local tribes to maintain the many treaties the monastery relies on for safety and that he was expected back in a few days. We learned about the monks’ philosophy and how Dierdre Skye achieved enlightenment some time ago, becoming immortal and immutable. They describe her as the one unchanging thing in an ever-changing world. (The monastery consists of approximately a 9:1 ratio of support and enlightenment seekers.)

The party relaxed and explored the monastery. Wesley went to the hot springs to relax. Crugold went to the library to exchange information with the monks. Gibley went to the kitchen to exchange recipes. Finn and Sorcha had a snack and then went to the Fields of Trials to exchange fighting tech.

Gibley had also noticed that Nix had wandered off. Nix wandered to the hot springs Wesley was soaking in and seemingly pulled a bow from the water. Nix got super creepy. Then he made himself invisible. Wesley got out of the hot spring and followed Nix. Gibley disrobed and got in the hot spring.

Meanwhile Finn and Sorcha are hanging out with the monks. The monks ask if Sorcha could work with them on practice weapons with which to talk/learn about fighting with hammers. The students spar with Finn. Finn takes off his extra equipment but still finds the students not to be particularly challenging to him.

Crugold explores the grounds…

Wesley continues to follow Nix who seems to be headed towards the gates out of town…


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